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     NOW OFFERING- The beautiful spoon gourd !  And, back by popular demand- Indian Harita Luffa gourd seeds!  Ever hear of a solar grasshopper ??
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Ah,  The Luffa !

What other plant gives you hardly any hassle, grows quickly even in poor soil, and rewards you with first a beautiful yellow flower, then from the flower grows a loofah gourd that you can either eat (when luffa cylindrica is still small and green you can chop it, fry it; tastes like fried okra-for those with some food allergies, please consult your doctor before consuming), or wait and let it turn brown on the vine, peel it, and then you get a great loofah sponge too?

That would be the Luffa!  We have three different luffas to choose from .  Cucumis Dipsaceus, commonly known as The Hedgehog gourd, is a different specimen indeed.  The Luffa Cylindrica (commonly known as the washrag gourd) and  the Harita (Indian sponge hybrid), and the  Luffa Acutangula (known as the angled luffa gourd) are members of the Cucurbitaceae ( Gourd ) family. The Loofah is spelled several different ways, i.e., Lofah, Luffa or Lufa. These are the only plants known that can be raised and used as a sponge. The sponges are very versatile in that they can be used for bathing, washing dishes or scrubbing. The Loofah is widely used for bathing to invigorate the skin as well as gift giving and crafts.

Our luffa seeds at a glance

The Angled gourd plant is close to the washrag gourd in size, but the angled gourds are thinner, and tapered.  Very elegant indeed.

 The Washrag gourd is a very fast growing annual that produces vines up to twelve feet or more. I have seen them grow over 20 ft. high in trees and produce dozens of gourds per plant.

The Harita gourd is the most common gourd grown for commerical luffas. Heavy crops of cyndrical  9-12 inch long light green smooth luffas.

When fully matured, you can peel off the dried and crisp outer shell to expose the fibrous sponge. To clean your Loofah you wash it in clean water and then soak it in a solution of bleach and water and allow to dry in the sun. Loofah sponges will last a long time if washed and allowed to dry after each use. Just remember, luffas need lots of water, and space to grow !

Without a doubt, one of the biggest sellers rom last year is called the Cucuzzi gourd.  So, we brought it back ! This Italian EDIBLE GOURD (Lagenaria Siceraria) is a versatile item to have in the kitchen- harvest them  when they are 8-10 inches, and you can use them like squash !  Or, let them grow (I have seen some get to almost 40 inches!), let them dry, and you can use them in arts and craft  projects !

The NEWEST member of our family is called the Spooni gourd.  What can you do with a Spoon gourd, you ask ?  Well, besides making spoons out of it, you can also make tiny birdhouses, little people caricatures,  many arts and craft projects.  Your imagination is the limit !  Easy to grow too.





Luffa, and gourd seeds on this website. From time to time, we may also sell items that we think are unique, or different.  Just look at the links on the left hand side of the page.   So, relax and purchase your seeds with the knowledge that you are purchasing your luffa seeds from people that are serious about luffas !

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